The Story...


Since I was young I always remember wanting to work for myself. The only problem I had was to find something that would light my fire and keep it burning. I had to figure out who I was, what impact I wanted to leave on my community... and relocating across the country to figure it out.

Yes, Vegilante is a business. But in my eyes it's way for me to express how I want the world to look like. 

Leaving Ottawa, Sept 2016

Leaving Ottawa, Sept 2016

After graduating with a bachelors in commerce from uOttawa in 2014 I began working for a corporation I interned with and started my quest to understand who I was. In December 2015 became vegan since it aligned with my environmental values.

After almost two years in two management positions, a few things in my personal life led me to send in my resignation and leave for Kelowna in September 2016. I wanted to take control and start a life I wanted. I was doing things because I was "supposed", not because I wanted to.

I had always been a fan of exercise, it's played a huge role in my self-development. Being a number's guy, I calculated my meal plan in a way that ensures that all macro and micronutrient requirements are met. Searching online for high protein plant based foods I would often see tempeh mentioned but could never find it.


Since I couldn't find tempeh, I decided to make it myself. In February 2017 I had made my first success batch of tempeh. It was delicious. As of May 2017, things took a weird, yet amazing turn for the worst/better (depending on when I'm telling you this story). 

I got laid off.

Through the network I had created for myself through Colab and friends I was referred to the Community Futures Self-Employment program who's help is something I can't put a price on.

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 4.33.03 PM.png

Through the Community Futures program I was able to connected with previous clients of theirs, Motherlove Ferments - a local leader in the fermented food market providing great kombucha and fermentation workshop. 

They've been supporting me by offering me work in an environment where I can learn about fermentation, the production of fermented foods and giving me first hand experience at markets. I can't thank these ladies enough for what they've done for me so far.

2018 is going to be a big year. With the approval for operation coming in around January. To me this only seems like the beginning of the story, I am excited to see how it unfolds. If you want to be a part, there's plenty of room, we can all be Vegilantes!