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Tempeh - Unpasteurized 3 Pack

Tempeh - Unpasteurized 3 Pack

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Tempeh - Unpasteurized 4 Pack

Tempeh - Unpasteurized 4 Pack

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Tempeh - Unpasteurized 5 Pack

Tempeh - Unpasteurized 5 Pack

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Tempeh - Unpasteurized 8 Pack

Tempeh - Unpasteurized 8 Pack

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Tempeh is Tofu's younger, wiser, tastier sibling.

  • High-Quality

    Our Tempeh is hand-made in small batches  with organic beans to ensure the best quality ferments a plant-enthusiasts can get.

  • Vegan AF

    Finally answer the question "Bro, like... wHeRe dO yOu GeT yOuR pRoTeIn FrOm?!".

  • Good for the Planet

    Large scale factory farmed meats have a high cost to our environment, eat like you care.

  • No soybeans

    We ferment all organic adzuki, black beans and chickpea. We have all the benefits of fermentation with new flavours and textures.

Plant Based Protein

Served fresh to the Okanagan. 

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Winter Deliveries?

We will be delivering tempeh within Kelowna/West Kelowna/Lake Country over the winter! Orders put in throughout the week will be delivered on Saturday.

For those that miss the date we are still available at One Big Table and Farm Bound Zero Waste.

For those in Vernon we are at Eat Good Market, Farm Bound and Simply Delicious.

For this in Penticton we are at Gratify.

Lastly, we are working towards being able to ship product. Stay tuned if you're out of town.

There's black on my tempeh!

Black on tempeh isn't a sign of spoilage, it's a sign of sporulation. We use a soy-free starter for our chickpea tempeh and it is more prone to ferment with grey/black spots. As per all the other products, it is perfectly fine to eat after proper cooking.

How do I store?

We distribute it frozen most of the time. We suggest keeping it frozen, thawing it in the fridge before cooking.

How do I cook tempeh?

We will have a section coming out with recipes, stay tuned!

Until then, we suggest thawing the product under refrigeration. Once thawed we suggest cutting it in big patties/thin slices/cubes. We suggest cooking until it is well cooked or golden cripsy on both sides. It can be cooked many ways, on the bbq, pan fried, deep fried, baked in the over - the possibilities are endless.

We suggest adding moisture to it while cooking since tempeh is flavour sponge. It marinates really well and generally soaks up any flavour your throw at it.

Where can I get your product?

Kelowna - One Big Table, Frankie We Salute You, Farm Bound Zero Waste (waste free tempeh*), UBCO, RAudz

Vernon - Eat Good Market, Farm Bound and Simply Delicious

Lake Country - Salted Caramel Kitchen

Penticton - Gratify

Farmer's market - Kelowna outdoor market on Saturdays

Deliveries - Winter time in Kelowna

Shipping - Work in progress! Register to our newsletter to find out when we get this launched for our friends outside the Okanagan!

No soy?

We don't use soybeans in any of our tempehs currently. As it stands, the starter that we use for adzuki and black bean is a soy based starter. This means that the starter was grown on a substrate of soybeans and rice flour. Therefore those products aren't considered soy-free. Our chickpea uses a soy- free starter but is fermented at the same time in the same incubator as the other beans.

Gluten free?

There isn't any gluten in the ingredients but we aren't currently working from a certified gluten free kitchen.

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Looking to work with restaurants, caterers, food trucks, grocery stores, food distributors and anyone interested in plant based eating.